How do I subscribe to Word of the Day? Helpdesk -

You can subscribe for the Word of the Day right from the homepage below the Word of the Day module in the middle left or you can click here: subscribe. It's free!

You can also subscribe to our Word of the Day list by registering for a free account on If you have a account, you can manage e-mail subscriptions by signing in and clicking your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then choosing to manage your e-mail subscriptions in that menu.

If you are a subscriber but you are not receiving your daily message, please check with your mail administrator to make sure that mail from <> is allowed to be delivered to your mailbox, and to make sure that there are no other problems preventing you from receiving your e-mail.

You may also wish to check the settings in your e-mail program to make sure it isn't incorrectly flagging our messages as spam. If you find that the Word of the Day is going to your trash folder or to a 'bulk mail' folder, then you will want to adjust your junk mail filter.

You can also like us on Facebook to get our Word of the Day.

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