How do I download the offline dictionary? Helpdesk -

Before you get started downloading the Offline Dictionary, we highly recommend you establish a wi-fi connection. It is also a large file, so please ensure you have sufficient space on your device. 

To Download The Offline Dictionary:

  1. Open the premium version of the app, and select the menu icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Choose the “Settings” menu, and here you will see the toggle button for the offline dictionary.
    • The file size is 38 megabytes and requires a wi-fi connection in order to download.
    • Once it is successfully downloaded, a new toggle button will appear titled “Always Use Offline Dictionary.” You may choose to use this in order to conserve your data usage while you are traveling, or just for ease of use.

Due to the size of the database we utilize for our dictionary, it is important to note that the offline dictionary, though quite robust, is a smaller version than what is available with an internet connection. Additionally, the pronunciation feature, and other Upgrades, will not function without a network connection and neither will the in-app purchases.

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