How do I use my upgrades? Helpdesk -

Once you’ve successfully downloaded the upgrades, they should be seamlessly integrated into your dictionary. After you search a term, you will see the regular definition and then the new tab called “Examples”, "Idioms", "Grammar" etc. on the browsing bar. You can swipe/scroll through the tabs.

The upgrades tab will only appear for entries that offer it. Just to give you some examples, the word "Plato" will bring up an Encyclopedia tab, "quickly" will bring up a Grammar tab, and "horse" will bring up the Idioms tab. However, the word "orange" will not bring up a rhyming tab since we don’t have available rhymes for it. 

Also, when you go to Upgrades in the app, the upgrades you purchased will have the word "Installed" next to the purchased icons. If you purchased the upgrade and they are not installed, please tap on "Restore Purchase" to reinstall the upgrades.


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